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Haris Fadillah

Online Business Planner, Web Developer

A successful website does three things :

  1. It attract the right kind of visitors.
  2. Guides them to main services or product you offer
  3. Collect contact details for future ongoing relation.

Your site will include the following aspects.

  • Mobile and ResponsiveWorks perfectly regardless of the size of screen or type of device accessing it
  • Easy to Find Their Way AroundNavigation should be smooth and information they want easily accessible
  • A Clean and Good Looking Design Something that looks smooth and professional.
  • Works WellIt should work, no bugs or errors.
  • Useful informationThe person viewing your site should be able to get a baseline level of information. Provide them with all the basic needs that your customers will get.
  • Easy to CommunicateYour customer can contact you anytime via email or any application that available such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger


Why Work With Me

Reasonable fee

The prices offered are according to the type of website you want to create.

Modern Design

A clean and good looking design that looks smooth and professional.

Open On Sunday

I even work on Sunday. You can make an appointment any day that you like.

Free Support

Any technical problem that occurs, i will fix it for you for free. No hidden charges.


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011 7039 3956

011 7039 3956

Let’s Discuss Your Project Now!

Kuching Sarawak, Malaysia

+60 11 7039 3956


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Haris Fadillah

Online Business Planner, Web Developer